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Save Up To 50% on Your Energy Bill

Long Island’s climate is typical of northeastern coastal areas. We are subject to warm, humid summers and cold, wet winters. In addition, the strong ocean breezes, while refreshing in the hot summer months, can cause greater incidence of air transfer in the winter, which drives cold air indoors. The increased transfer of cold temperatures from outside air movement means we have to constantly be turning up the thermostat which, in turn, raises monthly energy/utility bills.

The result? Higher monthly energy consumption & expense!

The energy pros we work with are the best at Synergy Insulation and can save you up to 50% on your utilities by installing quality insulation from traditional batting to spray foam technology throughout your home or commercial property.

Insulation boasts many benefits. So, here are some of its key attributes listed below in bullet points::

  • Lowers energy usage by up to 50%
  • Prevents irritants like pollen, mold, mildew, pests and insects from entering your home
  • Helps reduce outside noise levels
  • Creates an air-impermeable membrane
  • Completely seals off cracks and gaps throughout your structure
  • Proven to add strength to any building
  • No maintenance required
  • It’s Non-toxic  & eco-friendly
  • It’s considered a “green” product because it reduces your carbon footprint

Watch Our Video – We Explain Benefits Of Spray Foam

Stop Air Transfer

Any insulation material has a measurable R-Value, which is the standard lab evaluation of how well it prevents heat from transferring through its membrane. However, what the R-value does not account for is the fact that, in the real world, outside air movement can force hot or cold outside temperatures into your home at a greater rate.

Stop this air transfer effect is one area is where quality insulation excels. like a wind breaker for your home. It is part of what we refer to in the industry as creating a “thermal envelope”

The other part of the thermal envelope has to do with another amazing property of quality insulation

Seal Tiny Gaps and Cracks

Nearly every structure new or old, private or commercial, has tiny hard to find and often unseen gaps, cracks or holes. As long as they are within engineering limits, they are usually overlooked as being part of expected, standard construction tolerances.  However, some insulation materials such as spray foam are not standard materials. For example, When spray foam is put into place, it immediately expands up to 1000 times its application thickness allowing it to effectively seal off every tiny nook and cranny. When sprayed throughout the entire structure, it completes the process we described above – the “thermal envelope”.

There are many advantages of having quality insulation:

First, it allows for optimal climate control. No leaks or air transfer means less energy required to warm or cool your indoor living spaces. That translates to real savings every month!

Second, sealing off tiny gaps and cracks effectively reduces the infiltration of irritating and potentially hazardous contaminants like pollen, mold, mildew, pollution and allergens to almost zero.

All in all, quality insulation reduces your energy consumption and make your dwelling healthier and more protected from invasive hazards.

Some Types of Insulation Such As Spray Foam Strengthen Your Structure

Spray foam has actually been proven to add strength to your existing or newly constructed structure. This is mostly due to the fact that spray foam fully integrates into your building. How?

It’s designed to permanently adhere to any material. So, wherever it is sprayed, it sticks and expands to fill in all the air space around it. This adds to the vertical, horizontal and shear strength and rigidity of any type of construction.

It could even be argued that this feature adds value to your building beyond optimizing insulation and energy savings. It could even be seen as a valuable feature to a prospective buyer should you ever decide to sell the property!

Go “Green” With Spray Foam

Quality insulation products are eco-friendly. That is to say, they are non-toxic during application and for the life of the product. Additionally, they will never release harmful or noxious gasses or odors that might be hazardous to your family or the planet.

Beyond being eco-friendly, products such as spray foam are considered a “green” product because it reduces your carbon footprint. Imagine if every building in the world installed quality insulation, we could instantly reduce worldwide energy consumption by up to 50%!

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Bottom line:

When you consider all the marvelous benefits that insulation provides combined with the fact that we work with the best professional, fast and friendly services, it’s a no brainer!

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