Crawl Spaces

One of your many concerns that you face as a homeowner is the crawl space of your home and its efficiency. Some people, maybe even you at this point, have had to deal with those terrible oval type vents that penetrate through rectangular holes. That is no fun in any way.

Some people have come to find that when using commonly known insulation methods to take care of their crawl space problems such as fiberglass, the problems are not controlled or solved.
Why? Due to the fact that unfortunately that sort of material and others used for insulation, don’t stop or even control air and/or moisture movement and infiltration. Improper insulation in an area such as the one being discussed, will not prevent the cold/warm air from entering your home’s living space. If your home’s crawl space is not properly or fully sealed from your home itself, the possibilities of contaminated air, mold and even rodents to penetrate your living area.

So what CAN be done to fix this problem? If you have decided its time to upgrade your crawl space insulation or fix any present issues, there is one insulation method that you will be happy to use. What insulation method you may wonder? Its called “spray foam insulation.” This type of insulation is being known more and more by the insulation industry and by people due to all the great things it can achieve unlike the commonly used insulation ways. Spray foam is the only material that can create an incredibly effective thermal barrier from any obstructions.

crawl space spray foam insulationIf you use closed-cell spray foam in your home’s crawl space, it will work as an effective moisture barrier between the ground itself and your home’s subfloor surface. Spray foam also helps prevent air or moisture movement into the walls of your home and up into the attic space.

It also helps circumvent any floor insulation issues due to its great ability to completely fill any voids and open spaces. This includes any areas around wiring and plumbing as well as open webs of floor trusses.

Spray foam by far is a superior type of insulation that can fix more than one problem in your home and overcomes disadvantages that other insulation methods have. Choosing spray foam as your new insulation method in your crawl space will be worth the time and money.