Money Saving

You had been wanting to insulate your home for either the first time or replace the old insulation that you already have. You had been looking around and had so many options to choose from and could never decide upon one. You’ve heard so many great things on spray foam insulation versus other insulation methods but still are not 100% fully convinced. Well let us help you reach that total assurance. Let’s look different ways in which spray foam insulation is indeed the best choice in every way especially when it comes to money saving.

Money saving? That’s right. Spray foam insulation helps lower your power bills month by month!

Who doesn’t love saving money? We all do for sure. Let’s take a look at just 5 different ways in which this can be achieved.
1. It helps stop airflow 

The main and principal goal of insulation is to completely prevent any unwanted outside air from entering your home what so ever. At the same time, it keeps the air from your heater or air conditioner inside without escaping (depending the time of year it is in use). Other traditional insulation methods allow for air to pass through them and
therefore disrupt the inside temperature. On the other hand, spray foam acts as a protective air barrier therefore keeping the air that belongs inside and blocking outside air. Once this achieved it stops excess use of these cooling and heating systems meaning less energy consumed.

2. It’s sturdy

Since spray foam is made mainly from polyurethane, this makes the insulation strong and very durable, unlike other tradition insulation that tends to sag over time due to the gravity that eventually pulls it down. That sagging can create unwanted openings that will allow air to pass through. Spray foam on the other hand, due to its sturdy structure, allows it to stay in place to prevent any sagging at all. What other insulation can achieve that? None.

3. It expands and fully covers

As you may know, many traditional insulation that is used has to be cut up in order to fit your home. Unfortunately all this does is fail to reach and cover the nooks and crannies present and instead just creates gaps and openings that allow air to pass through and mess with the temperature of your home. Spray foam insulation though, when applied, it begins to expand and is able to reach and fill each and every open space, nooks and crannies and blocks those open
spaces. This prevents the air from escaping from your home.

spray foam insulation lower bill4. It’s water resistant

Unlike other insulation, spray foam does not absorb water during a flood or cause leakage. We know this can lead to mold and home damage. Spray foam, thanks to it mixture allows water to pass through rather than accumulating it inside over time. The incredible water resistance of spray foam helps prolong the lifespan of it so that you wont have to be replacing due to water or mold damage. That’s a mega plus.

5. Prevents overuse of heater and air conditioner
Last but not least, due to airflow that spray foam prevents, your heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard. This means less energy being consumed.

You already know its the right choice. Now just go do it.