SPF and Pests

spray foam insulation keeps away pestsPests. How we all hate to hear that our home has pests! Surely you do too! Especially in attic and basement areas where we don’t tend to check all the time and keep an eye on right? It’s that time of year that you finally decided to switch your home insulation but you have no idea what insulation method will help you keep those terrible pests out. The first thing you need to do is research the diffrent spray foam insulation contractors in San Diego before you go forward .

You’ve probably have heard people talking about spray foam insulation and how wonderful it is but you just are not
completely convinced about it. Let us help you make the right choice!
We all know those pests love to find a place to be especially during those nasty cold months because they like to look for warm areas, places they can burrow in and build homes. They create nests and lay eggs everywhere. One of the many areas some insects like to seek are residential homes because of all the wood they are made from.

One other problem with pests in a home is that they create poor indoor quality and health. Many of these insects or bugs etc. can carry diseases and with just a small sting or bite it would be enough for anyone to get sick. Unfortunately children are more prone than adults to these illnesses. This is definitely a serious problem for anyone in that home. In order to achieve avoiding these problems, it is important that as we find the proper insulation method.

When talking about a new insulation method, many people are not to sure what they should do with so many options out there in the market. Spray foam insulation has been rising in the insulation market due to its high performance in many areas compared to other commonly known insulation methods. Within those high performances that spray foam offers is one of your many problems: pests. How exactly does spray foam insulation help keep pests out of your

Many insulation methods lay over the surface for example fiberglass. That sort of insulation just invites those pests in such as a mouse. Spray foam insulation on the other hand, prevents any open areas or spaces for these pests. When spray foam insulation is applied, it is sprayed onto the desired and needed surface as liquid form and it clings completely to that available area filling any nooks and crannies. Once sprayed on, the spray foam begins to expand creating an extremely tight seal, making it nearly impossible for anything from the outside to enter unless its
through your door or any opened windows.

Spray foam insulation will help control and stop any pests from ever getting in your home again. It is definitely worth the investment.