Spray foam and your attic

It is now time to remodel your home and make some modifications and amongst those modifications comes the task of insulating. One of your main priorities is insulating your attic space. Now its time to take a look at how this should be done and if you’re looking into applying spray foam as your insulation method, some of the things you have to keep in mind before getting started.

When it comes to insulating homes and different areas within this, many people day after day are becoming fans of spray foam insulation vs other commonly known and used insulation methods. The price is definitely worth the advantages you get day by day, month after month and year after year. One of the many benefits of this insulating method is the money you save on your energy bills, most save up to 40% on the energy bills and that means extra bucks for your pocket.

Spray foam insulation is also the best option for your attic because the attic is one of the areas where there tends to be air leakage. What does this mean you may wonder? Air leakage is a term used to describe the crevices and areas where air “leaks.” For example if its a cold day you will turn up your heater and if your attic is not properly sealed then the warm air will leak or escape through there. That is where spray foam insulation comes in, when used in your attic and properly installed, it will prevent all this air leakage saving you energy.

Now it is also important to know what type of attic you have whether it is a vented attic space or non-vented space. If you have a traditional vented attic space the insulation is used on the attic floor so that is helps insulate the ceiling from the seasonal cold or the heat. The spray foam will be typically installed in the floor joists and depending on sometimes in the gable, ridge vents and soffits of the homes roof structure.

On the other hand, if you have a non-vented attic space the insulation method will change slightly. When applied, the spray foam will be sprayed on the undersides of the roof between the joists unlike the previous one. It will also be necessary to apply it around the rim and also into the soffit areas on the gable wall ends and this will seal any leakage spots in the entire attic area.

attic spray foam insulationWhen it is applied in this manner, it will insulate your attic space from the heat that came in and hit the hot shingles sheathing and roof. Your attic will now be a conditioned space in your home and when you enter it you will even feel it as comfortable as any other room in your home throughout the entire year, whether it is hot on cold outside.

It is very important to make sure you do not try and do this yourself, rather to have this applied by a professional in order to get the best results.