How much will I spend?

insulation installation costWhen it comes to insulating your home, one of the many questions people ask themselves is how much money will they be investing. Indeed it is something all should be aware of especially when investing in such an important project. To start of, lets take a look at some of the factors involved when installing spray foam as your new insulation.

One of the things that usually takes up the largest cost is the man hours and labor performed. This is important though because you want to have the best quality performance. One other thing that affects the amount of money invested is the region that you live in. This plays a very important factor because depending on the area that you reside in, that is how much you’ll need to pay. Why does that matter? Well in some areas and from state the state the pricing of material varies. Typically the pricing for spray foam insulation is usually calculated by the volume of a board foot (1 board foot = 12” x 12” x 1” thick) but as mentioned this can vary from one area to another.

Other Installation Cost

What other costs are involved in the installation of spray foam? One other factor that can vary the cost of the process is the area that you would like to have covered. For example when purchasing a car, there may be very similar models, but the pricing in these will vary greatly depending on the year model, the things included etc. Something similar happens when insulating your home. One person may only want a small area insulated while another may need a larger section covered. Obviously it will not be the same pricing, in other words, the larger the are the more material there will be used therefore the overall pricing will be higher. Also depending on the time of year you decide to have this job done, the pricing on labor can vary and this is due to the different obstacles weather can bring upon installment. One other important cost you should be aware of, is that depending on the type of spray foam you choose to install the price will vary as well. There are two types of spray foams in San Diego; open-cell and closed-cell. Closed-cell foam has tiny cells that as the name implies, are closed and packed together. They are filled with gas and this allows the foam to rise and expand. Open-cell foam on the other hand, are not completely closed, instead they are a bit opened and broken which allows the air that passes through to fill all of the “open” space inside this material making it a bit weaker or softer in texture. Open-cell SPF has an R-value around 3.5 per inch and typically uses water as the blowing agent. Closed-cell SPF has an R-value of around 6.0 per inch.

As you can tell these two types of foam vary in quality and characteristics and due to this the cost varies are well. Closed cell is more expensive than open cell but also its benefits are greater. In order to know how much you will be be investing, you need to know what method suits you more and your home. Despite the type of foam you choose to use, whether its open cell or closed cell, know that your home is in the best hands. Spray foam insulation is the best choice for your home and your pocket. For more information please go to our San Diego Synergy Insulation