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So for a while now, you have been looking around into purchasing or building  a new home. After many months of hard work your new house is almost finished but now you face a very important decision; what insulation method will you be using in your newly constructed home. There are many important factors to consider and ask yourself when it comes to choosing energy efficient insulation. When you choose the right type of insulation the benefits are big and you save hundreds of dollars annually on your cooling and heating bills.

Diffrent Insulation Methods

There are many different types of insulation methods in the market, fiberglass, cellulose etc. But one new method that is growing rapidly in popularity among new home owners is spray foam insulation. This new insulation method is being chosen by many for several reasons. For starters, not all homes have the typical architecture as back in the day; rectangles and easy roofings where fiberglass can easily be put into place. On the contrary, now we see all sorts of intersecting walls and interesting shapes and different framing details that have to be dealt with and in some architectural designs there are many cavities and spaces that have to be reached. When using typical insulation such as fiberglass for example, these cavities and small spaces are very hard to reach and cover and these cavities are not always the perfect size for fiberglass to be placed in. On the other hand, when using spray foam, all those hard to reach areas get covered quickly and there are no spaces left for air to leak through.

Applying Spray Foam

Spray foam when applied can expand up to 100 times its actual size in order to fill every little corner of your home’s envelope for appropriate thermal insulation and air sealing. With fiberglass this does not happen, and exposing a new home to open cavities or open spaces where air can leak through is not so good. Why? Well for one thing, you’ve already spent a great deal of cash on making or purchashing this new home of yours, and not taking the time to insulating it correctly will just cause you more expenses. Air leakage is not very good for a home or for your wallet. Leavin those areas exposed will cause you higher bills as mentioned before, because when its cold that warm air produced by your heater will just escape through those open spaces, same thing with the cold air in your home during those hot summer days. With spray foam insulation you do not have to worry about any air leakage, on the contrary you can be saving up to 40% on your energy bills.

One other reasons people are choosing spray foam insulation is that it pays itself overtime. If you now have new home, start the right way for your and your family. Make the right choice and choose spray foam as your insulation method. You won’t regret it.