spray polyurethane foam insulationSpray foam insulation is a prominent method adopted by the builders and architects nowadays. Their principal aim is to build tight, energy efficient homes. Any product circulated in the market should adhere to the legal norms of the state. Thus, state regulators and legal authorities examine the spray foam insulation product, chemicals used to prepare the foam and only after receiving an approval, the product is made available to the customers.

Health practitioners consider polyurethane to be a cause of asthma, lung diseases etc. Indoor air can also cause neurological disorders. Precautionary measures have also been suggested so that the product does not harm the occupants of the house. It is recommended by health authorities that people installing the spray foam insulation should wear the proper gear including gloves, face mask and hood.
Unprotected people should be advised to vacate the premises for a period of at least 72 hours until the vapors and dust particles are cleared to provide a safe environment inside the house.

Examination of use of chemicals

Legal authorities have drafted certain procedures in order to evaluate and examine the usage of chemicals to prepare spray foam insulation.

1. 200 such chemicals have been listed which emanate hazardous toxins or can cause environmental damage.

2. The legal authorities need to evaluate various chemical combinations and afterwards draft a list of products which are certified to be used to prepare the spray foam.

3. A product’s alternatives should be examined giving due consideration to the environment and health impact by the product.

4. The alternatives analysis should be reviewed periodically. Proper information should be imparted to the customers. The customers should be apprised on the issues of safety measures, product handling process, use of chemicals and life management requirements.

Spray foam insulation association

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) was founded in 1987. The organization acts as a technical and educational resource of the industry. It develops helpful tools to convince the construction industry practitioners about the advantages of spray polyurethane foam insulation and specialty insulations. It is an independent trade organization allied with the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Center for Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) as well as the Spray Foam Coalition.

It provides many services to the members; some are listed below:-

a) Certificate courses on the various uses of spray polyurethane foam.

b) Guidelines on the areas of using spray polyurethane foam.

c) Research & Development programs for technical advancement.

d) Advocacies on pertinent issues.

Registered under 501©6 trade association it includes contractors, manufacturers and distributors of polyurethane foam and other related services.

Another organization, The Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association Inc. (CUFCA) promotes the application of spray polyurethane foam insulation on a national level. The organization developed a Quality Assurance Program based on ISO 9002 principles which is actively creating awareness about the product.

People should be rest assured that spray foam insulation is the best and the most popular product currently available in the insulation materials industry and you should recommend it to your friends too.