Proper sealing

Is it really necessary to have a properly sealed home you may ask? Why does it matter? The answer is simple: YES, YES, YES! A properly sealed home is imperative to having a well conditioned atmosphere and not just that but when your home is properly sealed, you save a lot of energy and most importantly you save money. Who doesn’t like to save some cash on bills? Everyone does. The U.S EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimated that homeowners can typically save 20% of their cooling and heating costs by just having a properly sealed home. So when your home leaks air its leaking money as well.

Can you imagine leaving one of your home windows open year round? Can you imagine the negative effect this could have in your home comfort? Your health? Your pocket? It’s the same with a non-sealed home. A leaky house doesn’t just cause high energy bills month after month, year after year, it also allows excess and unwanted moisture and other contaminants to enter your home. This is something that can affect young ones or even adults who suffer and struggle with allergies year round or have asthma problems. The places where air leaks in a house are usually hidden from view, this usually occurs in attic hatches, wiring holes, recessed lighting, furnace flues etc.

Importance of air sealing

air sealing importanceExperts say the air sealing a home increases your comfort by reducing the draft within a home and by reducing the cycle time that your heating and cooling systems are going to be running. The U.S department of energy says that up to 40% of the average household energy bill is accounted for by air leakage. That means that throughout the year you are wasting hundreds maybe up to thousands of dollars for air that goes straight outside! For example, during the cold winter and rainy months, air comes in from all those non sealed areas and this means you to have to turn up the heater to make up the difference then it goes straight outside again. This is the same during the hot months. By air sealing the home you are in, you will reduce the amount of humidity that enters, this is a huge factor in the comfort level of your home. Another benefit of proper sealing is that this can contribute to protecting structural elements from becoming damaged, especially in high humidity areas where the outside moisture can cause rotting.

Spray foam insulation is the ONLY form of insulation that guarantees all these troubles from happening. Spray foam insulation helps seal your home adequately and prevents unwanted air leakage. When working on your home, you want the best for your bucks, and with spray foam insulation, we guarantee that! As we have seen, Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home by sealing it, is a cost-effective way to cut heating and cooling costs, improve health, durability, increase everyone’s comfort and create a healthy and indoor environment for all.