Structure Strength

Aside from having a safe, clean and very well maintained home, it should also be strong and durable in order to be able to protect its dwellers from multiple environmental elements.
The walls within your home are the main structural component of the building itself. Spray foam insulation strengthens your home and also adds durability to it.

In a wood frame building the total weight of the roof, the shingles, standing rainwater and in many cases, snow during the winter months, can add unnecessary to your homes structure and this causes it to apply downward force on walls causing a comprehensive force. Even winds and gust from thunderstorms can cause your walls to lateral forces and that can cause distortions in the building. That is known as shearing force.

Building codes require your homes walls to be designed in a manner that they are able to withstand these types of forces and loads. If the walls are built to the minimum standard required but still safe, there would be “symptoms” of movement present. What sort of symptoms could these be? They could be creaking and shaking during very high winds. This is where insulation comes in.

With proper insulation, your homes walls will become stronger. Spray foam insulation achieves just that. Something most commonly known insulation methods fail to do. Besides making your walls stronger, spray foam insulation inside your walls reinforce the strength they have making it more sturdy, more durable. With such rigidity, you will see how there will be less wall movement caused by wind and vibration. With your walls being this much stronger, you can be assured that they can support the entirety of your home more efficiently. Knowing that you have the best
insulation material installed will take so many worries off your mind.

spray foam insulation in buildingsClosed cell spray foam insulation inside your stud walls will fully adhere to the exterior sheathing and the studs. What is the result of this? Both get reinforced. Apart from all this, you will have a a building with greater than code required resistance to racking events such as hurricanes or any sort of high wind situation that may come along the way.

Spray foam insulation is not just any sort of insulation, it is the best insulation you can possible have. A good strong and sturdy home is more than anyone can ask for. Make your home the best it can be today.