Good and bad for spray foam

insulation prosSpray foam insulation is the best option in the market to make your home a better place. Due to its great and effective moisture-resistant seal and air leak prevention, this insulation method will save you money that otherwise would be spent on those monthly electric bills. Once you have decided that spray foam insulation is indeed the best option for creating a cozy home, let’s take a look at some of the great things it offers and some of the things you must have in mind that are not so good. Why is this important? Because when you see these things you become sure of the benefits you will acquire and at the same time know of the little things that may occur that may not be so great but you already knew ahead of time which will make it easier to handle.

Pros & Cons

-Highest R- value
-Prevents air leaks
-Covers hard to get spots
-Prevents mold, mildew etc.
-Saves energy costs

-Long lifetime 80+ years
-Comfy Home
-Holds better than other insulation methods
-Warmer Winters and Cooler Summers
-Stays in place
-Prevents moisture infiltration


-Foam may not look too attractive
-Needs professional installation
-There will be some odor while applied
– Slightly more expensive

The Best Home Improvement Choice

You will for sure find more pros than cons when it comes to spray foam insulation. This advanced material will last you for a very long time as you see above. That one time expense that you make will definitely be worth the many many years of saving on your utility bills leaving you with extra cash in the long run and making you and your family feel comfortable inside your home despite the weather conditions. On average homeowners have found to save up to 30% or more on their electric bills. Many have found this to be one of the best home improvements they could of made. Be proud of your decision.