Spray foam insulation kitsInsulation is the method of trapping the air and controlling the amount of heat transfer in order to maintain a comfortable room temperature. The various types of insulation are – fiberglass insulation, blow-in insulation, radiant barrier insulation, denim insulation, rigid insulation and spray foam
insulation. Fiberglass insulation is commonly used by the home owners but nowadays spray foam is gaining popularity due to its effective insulation properties.

Spray Foam Insulation Spray Foam Area

The main areas of application of spray foam insulation are floors, attics, crawlspaces, ceilings, garages 2X4 walls, 2X6 walls etc.

Spray foam insulation kits

Foam provides an air seal and acts as a great sound barrier. It does not attract pests and helps in keeping away insects. Low pressure polyurethane spray foam insulation kits act as a perfect insulation, air seal and sound barrier. Spray foam insulation is an output of a combination of various chemicals that are heated and sprayed by a machine with the help of a hose. The chemicals amalgamate and form a thick paint-like form which sticks to anything touched like wires, pipes, ducts etc. Just a span of few seconds causes the form to trap the gas in tiny bubbles. As the foam increases, an even layer is created which results in an air tight seal formation over the gap. Spray foam insulation kits are available in different sizes. The components of a spray foam insulation kit include foam, hoses and spray gun. Tiger Foam is a Canada –based distributor of eco-friendly spray foam insulation kits. E-commerce has
facilitated the customers to purchase spray foam insulation kits at reasonable rates.
www.homedepot.com is an online retailer of spray foam insulation kits which offers these products with an additional facility of home delivery.

Spray foam contractors apply high –pressure rigs that facilitate distribution of chemicals throughout the house and the occupants have to vacate the house for a period of 72 hours. Some contractors even use low- pressure tools which require the professional or an individual to wear a respirator while spraying
and the material settles within an hour.

A Do-It Yourself Guide

Although, a certified profession should carry out the procedure of installing spray foam insulation, it is  not very difficult to apply the foam yourself. You need to take precautionary measures too.

Step 1: Study the instructions given in the kit thoroughly.
Step 2: One should wear a disposable face mask, a pair of disposable gloves and a hood. Before applying on the vent or open spaces one should practice spraying the foam evenly as it expands highly. A rough area of 2 inches is sufficient to seal the cavities.
Step 3: There should not be any interruption after the beginning of the procedure. An interval of more
than seconds will create a block in the nozzle.