What is Spray Foam?

Polyurethane, popularly known as spray foam is used as an insulation material while building homes/ commercial buildings these days. It is made of isocyanate and polyol resin. While in the past fibre glass was a popular choice as an insulator but it is now slowly fading out and spray foam is taking its place.

spray foam insulation closed cellTypes

The spray foam can be broadly classified into two categories, open and closed cell. The broad difference between the two being the presence of gaps in open cells while there are no gaps in closed cells.

Closed Cell Insulation

The closed cell insulation is a very tight insulator with no scope of cracks, seams or crevices. The closed cell spray foam has no gaps or holes in its cell structure hence making it higher in density, heavier and stronger. This in turn makes it a better insulator. While both the spray foams are good air insulators, the closed cell spray foam is also a better moisture insulator because of its no gap cell structure. The closed cell insulation can be used outdoors as well.


Air insulation: One of the major advantages is that it is an excellent air insulator. Because of the tight packing it does not allow any air to enter through holes, crevices etc.

Moisture resistant: Mold infestation is a major problem in households. The best of traditional methods of insulating buildings have not been able to resolve this issue. In closed cell spray foam insulation the tight cell structure doesn’t allow any moisture to enter the house. In turn there is no mold infestation in the house which makes the building allergy free.

Makes the building dust proof: Since the house is sealed properly and there are no crevices or cracks in the walls or on the roofs there is no scope of dust and other irritants like pollen to enter the house hence making it allergy proof to quiet an extent.

Pest Resistant: The Spray foam also makes the building; pest, rodents and insects resistant as all the corners are tightly packed, sealed and create a good blockade for them.

Energy Saver: One of the very important advantage because of which spray foam closed cell insulation wins over the traditional insulation is that it conserves energy. Due to no leakages in the house or no thermal transfers, the temperature that is attained by the air conditioners or air heaters is maintained. It has high energy efficiency. This in turn also results in major cut down on electricity bills.

Strength to building structure: As discussed above closed cell spray foam insulators have higher density and the cell structure has no gaps. This makes the structure stronger. Hence the closed cell insulator adds strength to the building structure.

Maintenance: It is a wise long term investment which comes with very low maintenance cost in the long run.

Noise Level: With the increasing urbanization , noise is a major concern for one and all. The taut design of the closed cell spray foam cuts down on the noise levels, which comes as a big relief to the residents.