Non-vented attic

spray foam insulation nonvented atticsYou have been thinking about insulating your attic home and have decided about using spray foam insulation. Have you made the right choice you may wonder? Of course you have! You will see how your effort and choice will pay off. There is one important matter to consider now, what type of attic you have and how spray foam will be applied.

After researching you come to find that the type of attic your home has, is a non-vented attic. How does the spray get applied in this case? When applied, the spray foam will be sprayed on the undersides of the roof between the joists. It will also be necessary to apply it around the rim and also into the soffit areas, on the gable wall ends and this will seal any leakage spots in the entire attic area.

When it is applied in this manner, it will insulate your attic space from the heat that use to enter and hit the hot shingles sheathing and roof. Your attic will now be a conditioned space in your home and when you enter it you will even feel it as comfortable as any other room in your home throughout the entire year, whether it is hot on cold outside.

Deciding to use spray foam in the roofing system of your old or new home, is the best choice you will make. Why? When this material is used to complete this insulation task, you see how significantly it reduces your energy use. Energy that used to get lost through ducts that are located in your attic will also have been eliminated as well as infiltration from the ceiling in many cases. With spray foam insulation, the top of your home will be much more tighter and this will allow no more further infiltration from the outside to the inside and vise verse.

Applying spray foam insulation in your non-vented attic is definitely worth the investment. Besides having a more comfortable area, you will be saving a lot of energy in this form thanks to all the tight sealing this will do for your attic. Energy saving means lower energy bill. Who doesn’t love seeing lower monthly bills month after month? This will save you loads of cash that can be used in something else. Spray foam insulation is indeed the best choice of made for
yourseld and your home.