Spray foam vs. Cellulose

There are many options to pick from when it comes to home insulation, for instance spray foam or cellulose, At times, you might not even know what may be best. Sometimes, we tend to go for what may seem to be cheapest for our pocket at the moment, because lets face it, we all like to economize! But honestly, it’s always best to sit and evaluate our options. Let’s take a look at some reasons why spray foam is the best choice for you, your home and family.

Spray Foam Insulation
Cellulose Insulation
Better InsulationLess insulation
Reaches small areasAir leaks
Prevents mold formationAbsorbs moisture, causing mold formation
NO air leaks
Saves EnergyHigh energy waste
Lower bills ( up to 30% or more on savings)Higher bill costs
High R- Value up to 7 per inchLow R- Value tops 3.8 per inch
Lifetime: 80+ yearsLifetime: Up to 30 years


Just looking at these few things, we see why it is best to go for spray foam insulation. In the long run, it is the best option. Why settle for spending a little bit but having to deal with negative results in the future? Unlike cellulose, spray foam is also better because as seen above, you get better insulation throughout your home when applied. Spray foam is applied in a liquid form which allows for it to enter small areas that cellulose does not reach, filling in all those tiny crevices on your ceiling. When applied it expands. You can cover all your walls or ceilings in a more efficient and faster manner.

spray foam insulation vs celluloseAnother important reason on why you should pick spray foam rather is because it does not shrink in size or change its shape when it has been set which is great, unlike cellulose, its power for insulation decreases when the space is compressed causing the power to insulate to decrease with time due to the material settling beneath its own weight.

The simple fact of having a better insulating home when using spray foam means that you are spending less on those electric bills you hate to see during the cold season or during those hot days!

Whatever method it is that you decide to choose, it all really comes down to one very small and simple factor: insulation is important when creating a cozy and perfect home. Make the best choice!