Healthy Insulation

Most of us enjoy having a nice air quality home to be in throughout the day. We all are affected by indoor air quality as well, especially when we have kids, or when we ourselves have allergy problems, asthma etc. Many times, we ignore the possibility that our allergies or asthma could be do not having adequate indoor air quality. Some might realize that they indeed have and air quality problem in their home but have no idea how to fix it. Well today we have the answer for you and your allergy problems!


Do Proper Insulation

healthy insulationOne of the key points in have good air quality within the walls of your home is proper insulation. Yes that’s right, proper indoor insulation. You may think “My home is ALREADY properly insulated,” but unfortunately that may not be the case. Here is why: Typical home insulation methods such as fiberglass and cellulose can CAUSE airborne pollutants to penetrate your home and this can lead to respiratory issues like asthma and even lead to mould. Mould and moisture control is critical for your home to be healthy. On the other hand, spray foam insulation, is becoming the most popular insulation method on the market due to the great ability to has to make your home allergen free and helping breath easier. How you may ask?

Possible Causes of Allergens

For starters, if you already have a home with either fiberglass or cellulose or any other commercial insulation method applied you may of noticed that with time you had mold growing. That can be one of the many causes for allergens to begin and for your health to be affected as well. These traditional insulation methods cannot reject water, instead they soak it up, like a sponge! This in the long run can potentially damage your home and begin to compromise the way the insulation functions, making less effective. On the other hand by choosing to apply spray foam as your new insulation, when water is present rather than absorbing this water it passes through allowing you to detect instantly if there are any water leaks present and repair them quickly.

Secondly, traditional insulation cannot minimize in any way the amount of dust and any sort of pollutant from entering your home walls. This can cause respiratory issues such as asthma for instance for anyone in your home. That is ANOTHER reason why spray foam insulation is so
great because when applied it instantly makes your home to be sealed adequately minimizing dust, airborne pollutants or allergens from entering your home. Now that is something worth investing in.

What could be more important than your health and home environment quality?
It is know that 90% of Americans spend most of their time, therefore indoor air quality surely is on the priority list. We can see how beneficial spray foam insulation can be and the wonders it can achieve unlike other insulation methods. Spray foam in unique because it provides an air
barrier and a moisture barrier so there are no possibilities whatsoever for any allergens, pollen, dust, or mold from entering your home! Why not ease your allergy problems or asthma attacks by installing spray foam insulation. Guaranteed you will not regret!