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There are so many great things about living in Seattle and moderate weather is one of them. Of course we get our fair share of rain, but overall we are fortunate not to have to deal with extremes in weather.

Although, if you live or work close to the water you know it can get pretty frigid in the winter months especially when you factor in the wind chill. And, if you live in the heart of the city near the high traffic areas you can experience increased exposure to pollution/irritants and allergens during certain months.

That is why we here at Synergy Insulation would like to help all of our fellow Puget Sounders make their work or private residence as protected from the elements as possible while at the same time saving big on utilities and helping the planet!

Spray foam technology can do all of this for you and we would like to briefly explain how.

Below are some additional benefits of our amazing product:

  • Saves 30-50% off utilities
  • Reduces irritants like pollen, mold, mildew, pests and insects
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Reduces heat/air transfer by completely sealing cracks and gaps
  • Non-toxic and Eco-friendly
  • Improves health and comfort of your home or office
  • Stronger, longer lasting building
  • No maintenance on most applications

Amazing Impenetrable Membrane

Our product’s aren’t impenetrable to everything BUT both the “open cell” and “closed cell” technologies that we offer do create a barrier that is completely impenetrable to air. This is very significant because stopping air transfer is arguably the most important factor to control when trying to reduce the freezing wind chill factor from affecting your warm inside air.

Additionally, the closed cell system also creates a 100% moisture proof barrier that adds further protection to your living environment. For example, reducing moisture from penetrating into your living space will help regulate temperatures with less energy output and, perhaps more importantly, it will reduce the occurrences of mold and mildew.

The traditional insulation materials that you may have in your home or office right now, like fiberglass or cellulose, can’t do that – they allow air and moisture to pass right through.

No Leaks or Cracks

Another aspect of this amazing material is that it hermetically seals your home by completely filling in even the smallest nooks and crannies especially the attics – no matter how hard to reach they are. This is because our product is literally sprayed into place using state-of-the-art techniques. Then, once in place it expands to up to 1000 times its application thickness in order to seal off every possible air/moisture leak. It’s almost like putting your house in a Ziploc baggie!

Again, traditional materials and insulation installation techniques (no matter how well done) just cannot reach every tiny space and certainly cannot provide a complete seal. They inevitably leave cracks, holes spaces and leaks which allow air and moisture to pass right through.

Of course, air and moisture isn’t the only thing trying to invade your home through those tiny spaces…

Stops Pollution and Pests

Even if controlling your indoor conditioned air environment is not the top priority for your home or office, there are other factors to take into consideration when deciding how to insulate your property. Only our product can help prevent outside irritants like pollution, pollen and other allergens or even pests like rats, mice and insects from invading your living space by completely sealing off every nook and cranny. Yes, it is an amazing material that protects your property (and its inhabitants) from exposure to potential health hazards; making it the most comfortable, safe and healthy environment possible!

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It Insulates Better

Oh yeah. Did we forget to mention that it insulates better than any other material on the market today.

Open cell insulation is at least 2x better, while closed cell insulate at least 4x better when compared to conventional materials. This translates to real saving in terms of energy and financial output. Studies show that our product will allow you to save 30- 50% on your annual energy costs.

Proven to Add Strength to Any Building

Because our service completely integrates into the buildings structure and expands to fill any empty space, it actually has been proven to add strength to the structural integrity of any building. It bolsters roofs from premature sag and supports framed construction from twisting or warping over time.


Another great reason we love our city is because we are environmentally conscious. Seattle is known for being progressive when it comes to the environmental movement. Installing our product is a great way to reduce your energy footprint – by up to 50%. And why not use this amazing product? Especially since you can save some green while making the planet greener at the same time. Plus, our products are non-toxic and will never release dangerous or annoying fumes into the air.


It’s a win, win!

There are so many reasons to choose our insulation for your property. We are 100% confident that it will be the best decision and the best investment you can make for the life of your building and the comfort of its residents. Whether you are doing a new construction project or renovating your existing property, we feel that Synergy Insulation should be your number one choice without a doubt!

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