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Live greener by having cutting edge insulation installed in your home or office today.  When we say live greener we really mean it – Synergy Insulation can make your bank account and our planet “greener” by reducing energy consumption up to 50%.

San Francisco is a modern city known for being on the cutting edge of technology and social development; it’s one of the many reasons we love living here. We also have great sports teams, great businesses and a rich and fascinating history. Unfortunately, our city is not necessarily world renowned for its weather.

We have our moments of great weather of course, and all-in-all our climate is not as extreme as in other parts of the country. However, we do experience a variety of weather patterns – mostly wind, rain and fog along with some blistering summer days– that challenge the average home or office dweller to maintain a comfortable living or work space without constantly fussing with the thermostat or generating obnoxiously high utility bills.

Synergy Insulation to the rescue!

As a leading spray foam contractor here in San Francisco, we are completely confident that having us install our service for your home or office will be one of the best investments you ever make in your property.

Please allow us to explain how by highlighting a few of the most outstanding benefits our products can offer you.

Amazing benefits our insulation service can provide you:

  • Cuts utility costs/energy consumption – up to 50%
  • Limits the intrusion of health hazards like rodents & insects
  • Limits the infiltration of pollen and other allergens
  • Limits annoying outside noises
  • Limits the growth of mold and mildew by reducing moisture
  • Eliminates hot spots/cold drafts with a 100% air-tight barrier

Live Greener

Because our product reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, it is automatically a green product. Reducing your energy consumption is one of the best things you can do for the planet. However, it is also non-toxic and will never release any harmful or noxious odors or fumes, even long after it is installed. Of course, we like to think of it as a green product because it also puts more “green” in your pocket!

Hopefully, you can see why we are so confident that having us be your installer of our cutting edge technology in your property is the best investment you can make for a stronger, safer, healthier, happier home or office

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Stops Air & Heat Transfer

Traditional insulation material like fiberglass or cellulose provide some barrier to heat transfer but cannot completely stop air and in-turn heat from penetrating through that barrier, this is called convection heat transfer. Our product on the other hand does not allow air to pass through it, creating a 100% airtight barrier thus stops convection heat transfer in its tracks. You could liken it to the difference between wearing a knit sweater versus a windbreaker. The transfer of air makes a huge difference when it comes to maintaining conditioned temperatures in your home.

Another reason it stops air leaks is because of its unique application. By design, it is able to completely reach and fill-in the tiniest nooks and crannies and spaces of your home. No other insulation can do that. Once it is sprayed into place, it permanently sticks to any surface and then expands up to 100 times its application thickness thus completely sealing out the outside environment.  Yes our product has a superior insulation value against all 3 types of heat transfer; Convection, Radiation & Conduction.  Fiberglass & Cellulose insulation fall flat when compared to our product.

Protects Your Family’s Health

Healthy Living states “Synergy Insulation is by far the number 1 improvement you can make to improve your homes healthy living environment”.

Can Increase Your Property’s Value and Structural Strength

Has been proven to add structural strength to your commercial building or home. Tests show it especially helps increase a structures durability against high winds and earth quakes. It also has been proven to help prevent attic fires. This could obviously save you on unnecessary repair bills and will add additional value to your home when it comes time to sell.

Highest Insulative Properties

For the purposes of this page we want to focus on the superiority of our product over traditional materials like fiberglass or cellulose and not get into technical details like R-value.

(Technically the insulative properties of any type of material is measured in R-value. For more information on that please click here)

To begin with, it is important to know that there are two types of systems; one is “Open Cell” and the other is “Closed Cell”. BOTH of these systems are much better than any other product at insulating your interior environment from the outside elements because they create a completely air tight barrier.

Conventional materials, like the ones already mentioned, cannot do that (no matter how well they are installed). It is a design limitation. Due to the very nature of the product, air is allowed to freely pass from outside to inside and visa-versa. The implications are fairly evident – low insulation value. Stopping the wind (air) from penetrating through the barrier is a critical aspect to maintaining internal temperatures.

A common comparison that we like to use in the construction trade to explain this concept is by asking our clients to imagine themselves standing near the SF bay on a windy day…what is going to stop that freezing wind better: a knit sweater or a windbreaker? Only our product creates a windbreaker-like impermeable membrane that completely stops air transfer.

Strengthens and Protects Any Structure

Once again we see a design feature that makes it superior to anything else on the market today. That is its proven ability to add structural strength to any building. Since our product is expansive, it becomes completely integrated into the structure and helps bolster the overall integrity of your home or commercial property. This is true in all applications but especially beneficial in roofing applications. When applied on or under your roof our product can help prevent premature sagging and thereby save you on unnecessary repair cost or early replacement.

No other insulation material can offer that kind of value-added benefit!

In addition to strengthening your building, our product also protects it unlike anything else. By that we mean, it protects your internal environment from potentially hazardous external factors like allergens, pollutants and pests that can invade your property and cause damage to permanent fixtures/features of your property and can even be harmful to the health of the residents/workers.

How does it help with this? As previously mentioned, the expansive properties of the material allow it to fill in the tiniest spaces and cracks, even in the hardest to reach areas. With these tiny spaces sealed off, things like mold, mildew, pollen or pests like rodents and insects find it difficult or impossible to invade the dwelling – providing you with the healthiest and most comfortable environment possible!

These amazing benefits may even increase your property’s value, especially if you ever decide to sell!