Spray foam insulation is the best option!


What is spray foam insulation? It is a super fast and easy way to insulate your home and make a comfortable place as it should be.  It is used in Spray_Foam_insulaitonmany areas such as the  walls, attic, crawl-spaces and other parts of a house or building. This insulation method is used to maintain heat inside when it is cold and the hot air outside when the weather becomes warmer. This way you never have to suffer due to the climate causing you to have extra chilly or extra hot rooms. It balances heat flow perfectly.


This type of insulation is composed of polyurethane and a catalyst foaming chemical. When this is applied, it is done with a spray gun machine making it extra fast and accurate. When applied, it forms a foam that rapidly begins to expand and solidifies into place and is great because it reaches hard to get areas that other insulation methods fail to do, causing air leaks. Some may say its messy or that it expands in excess, but the great thing about this method is that it can also be trimmed if that were to occur. It is simply amazing!


Spray foam insulation is becoming more and more popular among people for their homes in the last couple of years due to all the amazing benefits you receive.

What are some of those benefits you may wonder?

For starters, who doesn’t like to save a few extra bucks especially when it has to do with ones’ comfort?


That is why Spray foam insulation  is so great, it stops all those air leaks caused by other standard insulation methods that  produce more energy waste, less comfort on harsh cold days or unbearably hot afternoons and higher costs on your pocket when the bills come around. As a homeowner you can maximize your investment by using this insulation form because you are sealing your home from air leaks. On average Synergy Insulation of Las Vegas  can save you  up to 30% or more on your energy bills! Now that, is something worth investing in wouldn’t you say?


By picking spray foam insulation you will see and feel the difference from day one. Every penny will be worth it, guaranteed.