Preventing air to leak

Spray foam insulation has become among the most popular options to insulating homes over the last couple of years. All the wonderful advantages are definitely worth the investment.

Many other standard insulation methods cause air to leak and do not create a good air barrier.

What is an air barrier?

An air barrier controls airflow between conditioned and unconditioned spaces.Why is an air barrier so important you may wonder. An air barrier controls any unwanted movement of air to enter or leave a home or building. When you have a properly high-functioning air barrier system, you will receive a barrier against things that you want to avoid such as  air leakage and diffusion of air that can be influenced and caused by weather, wind and other things of the sort.

Spray foam insulation is your best option for a great air barrier making it seamless. When spray foam insulation is used, it will contribute greatly to owning an improved home, energy efficiency, durability, to your comfort, health and safety. Spray foam insulation is applied using a specially designed spray gun machine that combines two different components that when mixed cause a chemical reaction that creates a heat buildup.  Once this is applied to the desired area, it will expand and turns hard staying in place. Since this insulation method is applied in a fluid form, it can reach very hard to reach areas that fiberglass and cellulose cannot.

Air Leaks

When small nooks and crannies are not insulated, this causes air to leak which is not a very good thing. Why? When air leaks, you have unwanted air to enter or leave. This for instance can affect your home during hot days because unwanted hot air enters through those small areas that are not covered causing you to waste more energy on cooling systems there for making your bills higher. On cold days for instance, unwanted warm air can leak through those uncovered little areas making it harder to keep your home warm.

As we can see, spray foam insulation is an amazing alternative to the standard insulation methods used. It is an excellent energy saver in the long run, saves money and allow you to have a seamless air barrier which will make your home a better place to be in.