What Kind Of Insulation Should You Use?

There are so many and different ways to insulate your home now a days that when it comes to picking the insulation method you’ll be using it insulation, fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation etc. Which is the best?becomes harder than you thought at the beginning. By now, you have probably looked around and heard of the most common ones: Cellulose

Most of these are very common in most American homes, such as fiberglass and cellulose among others, but most people have found that at the beginning, they worked just fine to properly seal and insulate their home, but with time, they begin to break down or settle. Now that is not something most of us would be happy about, especially after making such a hard decision on what method to use, to have out money “thrown away” over time and possibly having to invest once more to replace it for new insulation.

What About Spray Foam?

Attic_Insulation_Job_This is not the case with spray foam insulation! This method of insulation is not as widely known and commercially used as the ones mentioned previously, but is becoming rapidly known and used more and more in homes and commercial buildings amongst others. Spray foam insulation is the ONLY method that guarantees not only the best home sealing there is and lower monthly energy bills but it WON’T SETTLE OVER TIME, it won’t shrink, it won’t sag. Loose-fill insulation on the other hand reduces coverage area.In other words, using foam insulation from the very beginning won’t make you regret with time the money you invest, you will be sure to know that it is indeed the best way to seal and insulate your existing home, saving you money and making your home more comfortable while conserving the most amount of energy possible.

Stop looking around! Just try and see for yourself how spray foam insulation will be a well made choice for your home and more importantly for your family and yourself.