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Whatever features and fixtures you choose to outfit the home of your dreams, it is essential to make sure they are protected from the effects of extreme outdoor weather conditions that bombard your dwelling year round and can lead to premature breakdown of even the best equipment.

Austin Spray Foam InsulationThe effects of extreme weather here in Las Vegas directly affect the strength and durability of our homes and can significantly impact the need for premature repair and maintenance costs to household equipment (especially HVAC). Obviously, the external climate conditions also affect the internal environment and overall comfort level of the home.

So, our advice is to protect your property from the debilitating effects of the heat, cold, and wind, that we are exposed to here in Las Vegas with proper insulation. Leading research supports our claim that insulation is the ideal material to protect your home environment and lower energy costs at the same time. Here at Synergy Insulation, we provide you with the best contractors and we offer expert services to help our neighbors save money while improving the quality of their living environment.

The Attic – A Hidden Source Of Temperature Fluctuation

Wonder why your energy bill is so high? Or, why you have to keep your HVAC equipment on constantly? Or, why it’s a constant struggle with the thermostat? Your attic could be to blame, you could be losing up to 40% of your energy consumption. You’ve heard about throwing money out the window…well now it’s floating out right through your ceiling!
Think about it; the attic is the part of the house which is most exposed and therefore most affected by external temperatures and it allows a lot of that cold or hot air in your attic to pass directly into your home. No wonder you are constantly adjusting that thermostat!
Quality Insulation is the ideal solution. It creates an airtight barrier which prevents the super-heated or frigidly cold attic air to pass into your home. In addition to being airtight, products like spray foam are also watertight and expand to nearly 1000 times its application thickness which allows it to seal even the smallest of leaks or cracks that can allow invasion of outside irritants – be it adverse climate conditions like heat, cold, wind, rain or other environmental contaminants like pollen, mold, mildew or even pests like rodents and insects.
The bottom line is this: Quality, professional installation insulation throughout your private or residential structure is the key to ensure maximum protection and efficiency of your living environment.
If you live in Las Vegas and want to take advantage of all the amazing benefits that local, trustworthy contractors can offer, then please give Synergy Insulation a call and we can provide you with the best contractors in the Las Vegas area.

The Benefits Quality Insulation

  • Lower monthly energy cost
  • Fewer pests, rodents and bugs in the home
  • Reduces infiltration of allergens and pollutants
  • Reduces outside sounds from entering the home
  • Reduces condensation and mold
  • No more “drafty” areas in your home
  • Permanently fixes air leaks and insulation problems
  • Increases overall health and comfort of the home environment
  • Less energy waste = greener planet

Go Green!

Whether building new or remodeling, quality insulation can help you go green. Saving energy is just as good for the planet as it is for your bank account. Imagine a world where every home was automatically saving up to 50% on energy consumption. It may not solve all our energy problems but it would be a great start. Plus, it is non-toxic and does not emit harmful fumes or noxious odors over time.

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las_vegas_spray_foam_insulation_High “R Value”

The R value of any insulation material is measured to determine its ability to resist temperature transfer when exposed to heat or cold. Ideally, you want to have an insulation material with a higher R value because of its effectiveness in protecting a structure from those HOT Vegas days and CHILLY desert nights.
Let us connect you with a contractor that can ensure maximum protection and insulation for your home!

Energy Saving Option

Quality insulation is designed to be a superior product and this is true not just in theory but has been proven time and again in real-world settings to prevent energy loss from within and the transfer of exterior energy from without. This happens because proper insulation creates a complete thermal barrier which is impenetrable by air or moisture and in the case of spray foam, simultaneously provides the highest insulation value. The result? A significant reduction in your energy consumption and monthly utility bill.

Space Saving Alternative

If you are looking to use spray foam, one highlight is that it requires the minimum amount of space for installation in any structure. The application goes on very thin and then expands to fill even the tiniest nooks and crannies, completely sealing off your interior environment form harsh outdoor conditions. It can even be shaped and trimmed to fit any design or structural needs of your building.
For the highest quality installation and service, call our team and we’ll connect you with an expert contractor today!