Conduction Heat Transfer and Its Job

spray foam insulation conduct heatYou are looking into insulating your home and have been reading some information on some of the best and recommend insulation methods for this task. As you may of decided by now, spray foam insulation seems to be the right choice for you and and your home. You keep reading about all the wonderful things it does and all the terminology used and you have no idea what some of these things are or have to do with spray foam insulation. Don’t worry we got you covered.

Let’s talk about one of the many things you have probably read that spray foam insulation does for your home and what is means: conduction heat transfer. Probably familiar with this term right? What exactly does it mean and imply though? Conduction heat transfer is the conduction of heat between substances that are in direct contact with each other. The better that the conductor is, the more rapidly heat will be transferred over.

In order for there to conduction heat transfer from one object to another, they must be in contact as mentioned above, if you were to break this contact, then the conduction will end or stop. Conduction occurs pretty much all the time, for example it happens when pressing your hand on to a window pane or when placing a pot of water on top of an active element such as a stovetop etc. This sort of process occurs at a molecular level when heat energy becomes absorbed by a specific surface and causes those molecules from that surface to move rapidly.

Within that process, they run and bump into each other and cause that transfer of energy. That process can only and will only continue as long as heat is still being added.

When it comes to spray foam insulation, the predominant heat transfer mechanism in it is conduction but because the polymer and gas contained within the cells of this product are both very poor conductors of heat, closed cell spray foam counts with a high R-value and will effectively block heat transfer by conduction. Spray foam is definitely the way to go no looking back!