Why is spray foam insulation great for my attic?


Up to 40% of your energy consumption – and thus your energy dollars – can be lost through an
inadequately insulated attic space. Spray foam can give those dollars right back to you. Here’s why.
Materials that are traditionally used for insulating attics – such as cellulose or fiberglass (whether blown
in or hand placed) – are limited in their ability to insulate your attic and fail almost entirely in terms of
sealing off holes and cracks (aka: air-leaks) that allow air/heat/cold to go in and out of your attic space
willy-nilly. This is not good!
You’ve heard of throwing money out the window but now you could be throwing money right through
your attic roof – unless you have spray foam insulation that is!
Only spray foam can make your attic air tight by sealing off all air-leaks and at the same time providing a
finished membrane that is impenetrable to air. The obvious benefit being that you prevent your interior
climate-controlled air from escaping through your attic space and into the great outdoors. At the same
time, you disallow cold or hot outside air from making its way inside your living space and affecting your
indoor temperature.
Sounds simple, but no other insulation material on the market today can provide the type of superior
air-sealing and insulation properties that synergy insulation spray foam products can offer!