Why is spray foam insulation better than fiberglass insulation?


Fiberglass insulation is very limited in several ways.
First, the method of installation (hand placed) does not allow it to be perfectly fit into small or hard to
reach places. Thus, it will never be able to adequately seal off the indoor environment from the outdoor
Second, once fiberglass batting gets flattened – either from improper storage or placement – its
effective insulation values plummet significantly.
Third, the very design of fiberglass insulation allows for air (i.e. heat or cold temperatures) to flow
through the very membrane that is supposed to be prevent that very thing. Clearly, a flawed design
from the get go.
So…why is spray foam better? Because it solves all of these problems in one amazing product!
First, thanks to spray foam’s design and application, it can be sprayed into small or hard to reach places
and then expands to fill in every nook and cranny where air leaks can occur. It can even be sprayed
around your HVAC ducting and equipment to maximize system lifespan and efficiency.
Second, spray foam never loses its insulative properties.
Third, spray foam creates a complete air barrier which prevents the transfer of heat and cold into your
living environment.
For these and more reasons, we feel spray foam is simply the BEST option on the market today!