Why is air sealing my home so important?


Air sealing your home or office is so important because up to 40% of your energy consumption can be
lost by inadequate sealing of tiny holes and cracks that are present throughout your entire structure.
Insulation professionals that only install traditional materials like cellulose or fiberglass may overlook
this statistic because their product is incapable of truly sealing off your indoor climate-controlled living
space from the outside elements – both in terms of the product being unable to be installed in such a
way so as to seal off holes and cracks and in terms of the material itself allowing air to transfer straight
through its supposed insulation barrier. As a result, it is often down played as of little importance.
However, the advent of spray foam has brought to light the significant reduction in energy
consumption and expense that is possible when your home is completely air-sealed with spray foam
insulation technology.
Not only is this state-of-the-art technology going to save you money but, because it reduces your overall
energy consumption footprint, you will sleep a little sounder at night knowing that you are doing your
part to contribute to making our Earth a greener planet.
All-in-all, air sealing your home with eco-friendly spray foam is a great way to add some green to the
planet and your bank account!