What is radiant heat transfer?


Simply put, radiant heat transfer is the heat that comes in the form of radiation otherwise referred to as
heat waves.
A great way to visualize this is to think of how light/heat waves from the sun penetrate through a glass
window on a hot day. Most of those waves make their way straight through a glass door or window
because plain glass is not good at stopping radiant heat – although tinting the glass with a UV filtering
film helps.
Radiant heat also occurs simultaneously with or as the result of conduction. When your roof or exterior
walls get hot and transfer the heat to the inside (conduction) then, the now hotter wall will
subsequently radiate heat from its surface into your living space causing interior temperatures to rise
and forcing you to use more energy to cool the area.
In these two ways – directly through windows or by heat conducting through your wall – radiant heat is
transferred into your home.
Spray foam can’t help you with stopping radiant heat coming through your windows – sorry – but it can
significantly reduce how much heat radiates off of your interior walls and into your living space. This is
because spray foam is simply the best material on the market today that prevents heat transfer through
conduction which, in turn, sharply reduces radiant heat transfer.
Bottom line: spray foam is your best choice for reducing your monthly utility bills by minimizing heat