What is my homes thermal envelope?


Air is the enemy! Ok, we need air to breathe. But, when it comes to maintaining a well-controlled indoor
climate with minimal energy expenditure, air flow is public enemy number one! This is why we are
always yelling at our family members to shut the door or window, right?
So, with that image in mind, the “thermal envelope” is a term we use in the industry to describe the
capability of any given structure to retain the conditioned air inside (whether hot or cold) and prevent
the outside air from getting in and disrupting the ideal temperature that our HVAC system is working
hard to create.
The better the thermal envelope, the less energy is wasted to maintain the ideal indoor living or working
environment. That translates to savings for our planet and your pocketbook.
So, the goal here is to create the best thermal envelope possible and, sadly, keeping the doors and
windows shut is only a good start. The truth is, up to nearly half of air transfer happens through tiny,
often unseen holes and cracks throughout your building and even right through the supposed insulation
barrier itself.
Traditional insulation materials can’t fill in those tiny openings and aren’t efficient at stopping air from
flowing right through their very own “barrier” (we use that term loosely).
Only spray foam – thanks to its amazing expansive properties – can fill in every little nook and cranny
while simultaneously creating a 100% air-proof barrier, maximizing your buildings thermal envelope and
saving you up to 50% on monthly utilities in the process!