What is conduction heat transfer?


Heat transfer through conduction is a complicated scientific concept that we will attempt to describe
here in straight forward terms and with the help of illustrations.
Basically, conduction describes what happens to the walls of your home when it is hot or cold outside. If
it is hot, then the outside of the wall will get hotter and since the outside wall touches the inside wall, it
will eventually transfer that heat to the interior wall. The same process occurs – only in reverse – when
it’s cold outside. In either case, the obvious result is that more energy (and money) is required to
counteract these effects.
Now, that is where insulation is supposed to come in. Ideally, your insulation material should completely
stop this transfer from occurring.
Fiberglass and cellulose are very limited in this capacity, whereas spray foam excels at it. In fact, spray
foam is specifically designed to fight all forms of heat transfer including conduction.
Our spray foam product is the industry leader in preventing heat transfer by conduction and is your best
choice to lower your monthly utility bills by up to 50%.