What is air sealing?


Creating a complete air seal throughout your house is one of the most important things you can do to
achieve optimal insulation and save the maximum amount of energy – and dollars – possible.
Traditional insulation materials like Cellulose or Fiberglass (whether blown in or hand placed) cannot
provide a true air sealing affect. It is a limitation of their very design and application technology.
Oh sure, when such materials are placed by professionals, it may look well sealed and well insulated, but
air transfer and heat waves easily sneak their way through the tiniest little holes and cracks, unseen by
the naked eye.
Additionally, neither cellulose nor fiberglass as an insulation material has the capability of completely
blocking outside air from transferring into your indoor living spaces, even if they could seal off the nooks
and crannies of your structure. Again, this is a technology limitation of the material itself not related to
how well it is placed.
Spray foam on the other hand, is an advanced technology that in and of itself creates an airproof barrier
and completely stops the transfer of air in and out of your home. That is why you should only trust spray
foam insulation to provide a thorough and complete seal of all air-leaks, holes or cracks throughout your
The air-sealing effect that spray foam provides – along with its superior insulation value can reduce your
monthly energy expenses by up to 50%.