How much does spray foam insulation cost to install?


The cost of spray foam tends to vary widely from project to project. Several factors affect the way costs
are calculated. Usually, the factors that most directly affect cost are: location, difficulty of access,
desired thickness of spray foam application, and which product (open or closed-cell) you wish to install.
The open-cell system is usually about 3x less expensive than the closed-cell system, for example.
Spray foam cost is usually calculated by board foot. This is the cost of each 1’x1’x1″ section. So, if you
have an area 100 SF and you want 3″ of spray foam then you would have 300 board feet of product.
As with any construction project, the cost effectiveness of installing insulation often comes down to the
experience, accuracy and expertise of the company providing the estimate and installing the product.
That is why we here at Synergy Insulation offer in-house professional consultants to assist all our clients
in determining an accurate, budget friendly price to solve all their insulation needs.
Don’t leave your insulation job in the hands of any ol’ Joe Blow claiming to be an insulation expert…trust
the experienced professionals at Synergy Insulation!
It’s easy, just giving one of our professional estimators a quick call. They will be happy to provide a
complimentary consultation and, in most cases, even provide a no obligation cost projection right over
the phone.