How does spray foam insulation perform in hot weather?


“Shut the door. You’re letting out the cold air!” How many times have we heard those words on a hot
summers day?
That statement highlights why spray foam is the best choice to “shut the door” on hot weather. Put
simply, it prevents hot air from entering your home and cold air from from escaping.
We should explain that when we say “shut the door” what we are referring to is something we like to
call the “thermal envelope” effect.
Due to spray foam’s unique properties it can be sprayed into even the tiniest, hardest-to-reach areas of
your structure and then immediately expands up to 1000x its application thickness effectively sealing off
the climate controlled indoors from the harsh outdoor heat – a feature that is unique to spray foam. In
addition, the spray foam material itself creates an air-impermeable membrane that prevents airflow or
heat transfer from outside in and inside out.
When spray foam is professionally and properly installed throughout the entire home, it results in what
we like to call the “thermal envelope” which is the ideal condition for maintaining an efficiently
controlled climate. It’s kind of like putting your whole house in a Ziploc baggie. Under these “sealed”
conditions your HVAC system’s cooling ability is maximized, resulting in the most efficient use of energy
Bottom line:
Spray foam is the optimal material for hot weather applications!