How does spray foam insulation help keep pests out of my home?


As with allergens and pollutants, pests can enter your home or office through traditional openings such
as doors and windows, attic vents, chimneys, etc…
However, some pests, such as mice, cockroaches and other small insects can easily enter your home
through much smaller spaces that are left unsealed and unseen throughout your home or office
building. All it takes is an opening the size of a pen head and suddenly you are infested with annoying
and potentially harmful pests.
Clearly, this is a scenario than any home or business owner would want to avoid. Not only is it annoying
and unsanitary to harbor these types of pests in your building, but it could even be embarrassing if
guests or clients were to ever catch sight of them. Ew!
Installing spray foam in your home or office – whether building new or remodeling – can help you take
control of pests and prevent you from having to call pest control!
This is possible because – when spray foam is applied properly by our experienced professionals – it will
seal off every microscopic nook and cranny throughout your entire structure. Once sprayed into place,
this amazing material expands up to 1000x its application thickness which allows it to essentially seal up
your building like a Ziploc bag and prevent annoying and harmful pests from invading.
Other insulation materials cannot boast this feature. Only with spray foam can you be assured of the
most pest-free indoor environment possible!