How does spray foam insulation help keep allergens out of my home?


Obviously, allergens can enter a home through open doors or windows, chimneys, attic vents and an
infinite number of otherwise larger openings. However, because the majority of allergens are
microscopic, they can also get into your home through tiny cracks, holes or air-leaks that are routinely
found in every personal or commercial property – no matter how well built or insulated it appears to be.
The good news is this: no matter what type of private or commercial building you own, if you want to
have it sealed up like a Ziploc baggie and prevent allergens from invading your indoor space then spray
foam can do that for you!
How can spray foam provide this amazing feature while no other insulation material available on the
market today can?
Well, only spray foam is designed to be sprayed on thin and stick to any surface; once in place it
instantly expands to nearly 1000x its application thickness which allows it to completely seal off even
the tiniest of nooks and crannies within your structure – blocking out potentially hazardous and
annoying allergens completely and permanently!
When this state-of-the-art technology is placed by our fast, friendly and experienced professionals, you
can be assured of the most allergen free environment possible!