Does spray foam insulation settle over time?

Standard insulation materials such as fiberglass and cellulose have a bad habit of losing some of their
insulation value over time due to a phenomenon known as “settling” – a process where the material
compresses due to gravity causing it to lose a significant amount of its R-value. This is true whether they
are blown-in or hand placed.
Insulation specialists that primarily offer these traditional materials may have a tendency to overlook or
minimize the settling effect. The truth is, however, that over time (or even immediately if improperly
placed) these materials fail to offer the same insulation that they did at the beginning. The result, of
course, is that your energy bills get higher and higher over the years even if energy prices stay the same
or go down.
Spray foam to the rescue!
Thanks to the amazing technological breakthrough in both the open and closed cell systems, spray foam
will never “settle” or lose any of its insulation value. Once our product is sprayed in place and expands
to its final shape and size, you can count on it to provide a permanent solution to all your insulation
needs – that’s a guarantee!
When installed by our friendly, fast and experienced professionals, you can expect to start saving up to
50% on your utility bills from day one and into the decades to come!