Can I use spray foam insulation in my old home?


Spray foam is hands down the ideal choice if you are remodeling or putting in an addition. Because it
sticks to anything, it can be used with wood stud or metal frame construction as well as block, brick or
concrete, etc…you name it. Also, it doesn’t rely on gravity to help hold it in place; you can stick right on
to your ceiling if you want.
Due to this flexibility in application, we recommend you apply our spray foam product anywhere and
everywhere you can throughout your existing home or office.
But, what if you’re not planning a major remodel or addition?
In that case, you should seriously consider using spray foam in your attic or basement and around your
HVAC ducting to improve the overall energy efficiency of your property. Up to 40% of your monthly
energy consumption can be lost through your attic. Most attics are inadequately insulated with
fiberglass batt or cellulose which doesn’t seal up the tiny holes and cracks that are allowing air transfer –
costing you more in energy expenditures every month.
Use spray foam in your existing home or commercial building and start saving on your utilities – up to
50% monthly!