Can I use spray foam insulation in my cement block home?



The ideal way to install spray foam insulation in a cement block (cinder block) home is during construction. This allows our professional installers direct access to the empty concrete block cells that will be filled with the spray foam product.

However, even after construction is finished or during a remodel, we can get foam insulation into a block wall by drilling a series of holes near the top of the wall and filling the wall one vertical cell at a time.

Here is how that works: as one cell fills up, the foam will start to exit from the hole in the adjoining cell signaling the installer to move the hose to the next cell and seal the hole that was just filled, and so it goes just like that filling one vertical cell at a time, until the whole block wall is full of foam insulation.

Another option would be to fur out an interior wall with wood or steel studs and spray the foam directly into place over the face of the block wall and in between the studs. Be advised, this option would imply added material costs in the form of studs and sheetrock, etc…and it would result in a slight – although measurable – loss of usable interior square footage.

These are only two examples of how our superior foam insulating products can be retro-fitted to existing concrete structures. Obviously, conditions and circumstances vary but, hopefully you get the idea. Spray foam is a highly adaptable material, and can be used on nearly any project.

We here at Synergy Insulation have the needed experience and expertise to assist you with all your insulation needs!

If you still have questions or concerns about whether our spray foam products can be used on your property, please call one of our in-house professionals to receive a free consultation on your project needs.