Can I use spray foam in my new home?


Spray foam is the ideal choice for insulating your new home or office building. It can be applied to any material, any design, any building. You can even spray it on your roof and around your HVAC ducting for maximum efficiency.

Plus, when done by the experienced professionals here at synergy insulation, you can be sure that the application will be friendly, fast and easy. We use non-toxic procedures so our product won’t leave any noxious odors or harmful fumes.

It will completely seal out the outside environment allowing you to maintain optimal control over your living or work space with the absolute minimum in energy expenditure. That’s good for the planet and your pocket book!

And, perhaps best of all, recent studies show that it can actually add structural strength to the integrity of your building – a feature that is unique to our amazing spray foam technology and could actually add value to your property or even be used as a selling point should you decide to sell.

With all the long term benefits that spray foam can offer – including saving up to 50% on monthly utilities – why would you choose anything else for your new project?

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