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Although we Dallas/Fort Worth residents have little to complain about in wintertime, we can hardly say we are blessed with temperate weather year round. In fact, the persistent heat and humidity of our lengthy summers more than make up for the calmer winter months.

Our goal here at Synergy Insulation is that we strive to provide our neighbors with leading edge materials, quality contractors and service, and competitive pricing in spray foam and other quality insulation installation for the Dallas / Fort Worth cities.

Below are some additional benefits of our amazing products:

  • Saves 30-50% off utilities
  • Reduces irritants like pollen, mold, mildew, pests and insects
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Reduces heat/air transfer by completely sealing cracks and gaps
  • Non-toxic and Eco-friendly
  • Improves health and comfort of your home or office
  • Stronger, longer lasting building
  • No maintenance on most applications

Here is some information and statistics why we are confident that quality insulation will be the best investment you can make for your home or business, new construction or remodel.

Proper Insulation Provides a Superior Thermal/Air Barrier

At Synergy Insulation, We showcase many types of insulation to help you make the best decision. If you are looking for a material that can completely create an airtight barrier, look no further than Spray Foam. This material provides a thermal barrier because it is the only product that completely stops air transfer.  This 100% airtight barrier is primarily responsible for maintaining greater control of your conditioned air environment and for saving you money on utilities at the end of the month.

In addition, other types of insulation such as fiberglass and cellulose also make a difference when it comes to saving you money on your energy bill. Whether blown or placed by hand, properly installed insulation seals off the nooks, crannies and tiny spaces throughout your home that allows air to leak in and out. Our products can be applied into the tiniest spaces using our state of the art equipment and techniques. And if you are using Spray Foam, it expands to whatever thickness is required to fill-in the gaps (up to 1000 times its application thickness) thus creating a permanent and airtight seal.

With the outside world virtually sealed off, you will notice a significant decrease in your monthly energy cost – up to 50% savings!


Optimal Protection from Outside Health Hazards

Thanks to the attributes of proper insulation installation, you can completely seal out the outside world. You will enjoy a healthier, happier indoor living experience because irritants like pests and allergens will find it much more difficult to invade your indoor space – this includes things like mold, mildew, dust pollen and especially rodents and insects!


Adds Strength and Value to Your Building

If you are choosing Spray Foam, our product has been tested and proven to add strength to the structural integrity of your residential or commercial building. Obviously, this is a very valuable attribute as it has the potential to save you big dollars on unnecessary repairs or renovations over the long run and could even be of greater value if and when you decide to sell the property.


Live Greener!

Reducing your energy footprint is one of the best ways to contribute to a greener Earth. Just by installing insulation in your new construction or remodel project, you can instantly expect to save an average of 30% on annual energy consumption or even more – up to 50%!

If every home around the world was using and benefiting from proper insulation we could make a serious impact on the future health of our most important living space – the planet. Of course, saving energy is only part of how green our products are. Our products are non-toxic and do not put off any foul odors or damaging fumes, ever.

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Here are some more information about Spray Foam

Attic Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Roofing


We are 100% convinced that investing in this technology for your home or office is the best money you will ever spend. Not every investment you make into your property will pay off but rest assured that with our state-of-the-art techniques, and our trustworthy contractor’s experience and professional installer service you will be thrilled for years to come!

If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, you can start saving money today by calling us for a free quote at 214-347-7111