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Save Up To 50% on Your Energy Bill

The superior technology of our product can save you up to an amazing 50% during peak energy usage months. This translates to an overall annual savings of about 30%, on average, as compared to standard fiberglass insulation – according to a 2012 University of Arizona report.

The real challenge for all of us here in Austin is having to deal with a wide variety of climactic changes through out the year. From hot to cold, humid to dry and everything in between, we see it all! This is a fact that makes it all the more important to have quality insulation in our homes. Below are a few ways our insulation can make your home or business the most comfortable, protected and efficient environment possible.

A few amazing benefits our services can offer YOU:

  • Save Up to 50% on Utility Bills
  • Improve Your In-Home Environment
  • Reduce Allergens
  • Reduce Outside Noise
  • Reduce Pest Intrusion
  • Great For New or Old Homes

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Go Green!

Whether building new or remodeling, our products can help you go green. Saving energy cost is just as good for the planet as it is for your bank account. Imagine a world where every home had our product professionally installed and was automatically saving up to 50% on energy consumption. It may not solve all our energy problems but it would be a great start. Plus, our product is non-toxic and does not emit harmful fumes or noxious odors over time.

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3 Ways Synergy Insulation Saves You Money

Sealing off air leaks and increased insulation value accounts for up to 70% of energy savings. Basically, it is what keeps outside air out, and inside air in. Unfortunately, standard insulation is not great at this, you can lose up to 40% of energy even through spaces that are insulated with traditional materials!

More efficient equipment accounts for another 20% of savings. Most heating and air conditioning units are in spaces (like attics or basements) which are usually super hot or super cold, depending on the season. The same is true of the ducting itself. Synergy Insulation properly insulates these areas allowing your equipment to operate more efficiently and less often.

Sealing and insulating duct-work can add an additional 10% savings. If ducting is sealed properly then your air heating/cooling equipment does not leak air or in-take air into and out of dead spaces or the open attic that is directly vented to the outside air. It is virtually impossible for traditional insulation to accomplish this. All of this, again, results in your equipment working more efficiently and less often thus lowers energy bills.

Spray Foam Keeps Saving You Money In Other Ways…

When heating/cooling equipment has to work harder to do the same amount of work, it results in more frequent repairs and overall shorter system lifespan. Our insulation will actually help extend the life of your equipment, saving you money on unnecessary repairs and preventing premature replacement.

Why Is Our Insulation Better?

Spray_Foam_insulaiton_AustinSuperior Air Barrier (Sealing Air leaks)

As already mentioned, 40% of energy transfer comes from inadequate air barrier (or Air Leaks). A home with standard insulation typically has many of these leaks and although they may be small, they really add up. Whether around electrical fixtures, windows or right in the walls, they all create air movement which transfers energy in and out of your home. Because it expands – typically to about 1,000 times its application thickness – it is the most effective way of eliminating these air leaks all throughout your home because it squeezes into every tiny space. And its sticky, so once it closes the leak it stays there permanently. Once in place, the external membrane prevents heat transfer unlike any other material. Basically, it’s like putting your house in a Ziploc baggie!

Superior Thermal Barrier (Higher Insulation Value)

FAIR WARNING: the following paragraphs are a bit technical…

Thermal insulation is measured in terms of R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the product is at creating a thermal barrier. Closed-Cell spray foam has the highest Standard R-Value at 7 per inch of thickness.  Open-Cell insulation and fiberglass have similar Standard R-Values around 3.0-3.5. per inch of thickness.

However, there is a big gaping hole in the thermal barrier efficiency of standard fiberglass insulation, and that is: big gaping holes! Yes, standard fiberglass insulation is literally full of holes that allow hot and cold air to pass right through it. Conversely, both closed cell and open cell insulation is 100% airtight. The result is that the Effective R-Value of Open Cell insulation is at about R7 per inch of thickness.  The Effective R-Value of Closed Cell insulation is a massive R14 per inch of thickness.  When you compare those amazing numbers to the Effective R-Value of fiberglass insulation at R1.5 you clearly see that there really is no comparison; our product is better by far!

BOTTOM LINE: Our product has a much higher insulation value than all other traditional materials!

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Here is some more technical information to satisfy the engineer in you…

What is the difference between “Effective R-Value and Standard R-Value”?

In Short: The Standardized R-Value system was developed back in the 1930s and only measures conduction heat transfer.  That means it measures the transfer of direct heat from one side of the insulation to the other side in a laboratory environment with no air movement.  Effective R-Vale is a modern way of measuring heat transfer from one side of insulation to the other with all 3 types of heat transfer.  1) Radiation 2) Convection “air movement” 3) Conduction.  Basically, it measures total heat transfer in real world conditions.

Uastin Attic Insulation exampleHVAC Equipment & Ducting Efficiency

Ideally, your HVAC equipment itself would be as well insulated as the house. We like to think of it as bringing the air handling equipment and its
duct-work into the “Thermal Envelope”. This means insulating the underside of the roof as well as sealing off any attic openings.  When done properly, your attic will achieve a temperature much closer to that of the inside of your home. This allows your HVAC equipment and ducting to operate at maximum efficiency.

Temperatures around AUSTIN can reach HIGHS/LOWS from 0-110oF. Additionally, Austin weather swings from semi-dry to downright humid. It is difficult for any HVAC system to operate at peak efficiency under our extreme weather conditions. Not only does this affect your monthly energy bill but also the overall longevity of your equipment.

Does Our Product Cost More?

The upfront cost of Synergy Insulation is about 20% higher than regular fiberglass insulation on average. However, these initial startup installer costs are far outweighed by the long-term monthly savings generated by our product, as well as the savings garnered from extending the life of your equipment.

How Does the Life Expectancy of our Product Compare to Fiberglass Insulation?

In time, standard fiberglass insulation will lose almost 90% of its insulating value as a result of “settling”. Our insulation does not settle! Also, fiberglass insulation is difficult to fit around ducting and equipment without compressing it. If fiberglass insulation is compressed it can lose up to 80% of its efficiency. Since our product is applied sticky and expands around your duct-work it will never lose its effective insulation value!

Fiberglass batting is limited in terms of its ability to seal off every nook, cranny and corner of your home. Because it has to be placed by hand, it is also difficult to properly insulate hard to reach areas. Obviously, this reduces efficiency since some areas are not being properly sealed or insulated. Synergy Insulation has a distinct advantage in this regard since it is literally “Sprayed” into, around and in-between even the tiniest, hardest to reach corners of your house and then expands up to 1,000 times its application thickness to create a thick permanent thermal barrier.

No surprise then that a University of Arizona study proved that our product is typically 2x more effective than traditional fiberglass insulation!

Does It Have Any Other Benefits?

Improves Overall In-home Environment

Who wouldn’t want their home to be less permeable to outside allergens, pollutants and pests?  Because of our product’s tremendous sealing ability, allergens, pollution, rodents, bugs and even sound waves have a much harder time getting into your home. Thus creating a healthier, quieter, happier home environment!

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